Nexion Architecture Division



Nexion is a joint venture company created by Ceramiche Speranza, an Italian firm founded in 1961 whose mission is to bring the excellence of Italian ceramics to global customers, and Simpolo Vitrified, since 1977 one of the leading Indian producers of ceramics and sanitary ware. We offer ceramic surfaces and design solutions of beautiful aesthetics and impeccable quality, designed in its laboratory in Italy, produced in India in a brand-new plant using the very latest Italian technology and sold Worldwide. We blend commitment to offer the best possible products with a service-oriented mindset, as our work ends when our customers have achieved their goals. We are guided by complementary values.
On the one hand, decades of tiles making has given us mastery of technology and design; on the other hand, we are open-minded and keen to learn from our partners and customers, ready to innovate the way we work when the market demands that.

Nexion’s Architecture Division has been created to bring to architects, corporates and developers the very best Italian style – in terms of appearance, technical properties and product quality — into the field of major architectural projects, by producing surface covering systems for indoor and outdoor use, such as ventilated facades, raised floorings and partition walls. Nexion acts as a consultant, capable of assisting the customer from the very earliest design phases to installation and certification. With its tailor-made approach, Nexion Architecture Division assures projects’ exclusiveness, safety and quality, as well as the maximum control of all factors, both internal (building design and layout) and external (positioning of the building in relation to wind direction, seismic risk, nearness to the sea or extreme altitudes).

From design to realisation

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