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User related physical properties


Scratch hardness, expressed with the Mohs scale, is the resistance of the surface to incision and scratching, a very important features for customers. According to EN 101 norm, tiles are classified from 1 to 10 based on the hardness of minerals used to scratch them (Mohs is 1 Talc – 2 Gypsum – 3 Calcite – 4 Fluorite – 5 Apatite – 6 Feldspar – 7 Quartz – 8 Topaz – 9 Corundum – 10 Diamond). The highest is the value, the lowest is the risk of scratching or incision.

Surface abrasion resistance determines resistance of the glaze surface to wear and tear. According to ISO 10545-7 standard, tiles are divided into five grades depending  on their destination of use (residential, commercial light traffic, commercial heavy traffic...). PEI 1 corresponds to the lowest resistance and PEI 5 corresponds to the most resistant tiles.

Nexion meets the highest standards in the industry and always advice clients on the most suitable products to use when the project requirements are highly demanding (as for heavy traffic public spaces).


User related chemical properties


Resistance to staining is a key features for customers in both residential and commercial applications. To measure it, staining agents are left on the ceramic surface for 24 hours in at least five test samples. After that time, removal of the staining agents takes place in successive stages using a variety of cleaning agents and procedures;

● Class 5: stains removed with hot water
● Class 4: stains removed with a weak commercial cleaner
● Class 3: stains removed with strong commercial cleaning agents
● Class 2: stains removed with solvents such as acetone.

According to norms, ceramic tiles must reach at least Class 3. Nexion slabs and tiles are top quality Class 5 products, a very important feature for all customers.

Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts
is the ability of the glaze to tolerate contact with chemicals (domestic, sanding, swimming pool, acid and base additives) at room temperature without any alteration of appearance.

Resistance to high and low concentrations of acids and alkalis.

Nexion products show the best results, with no any visible alteration slabs and tiles surface.


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