Nexion's focus on quality

Surface aesthetics


While physical and chemical characteristics are described by norms and are measured objectively, aesthetical quality is left to individual company practices. This might be an issue for customers, as aesthetical characteristics – such as realism of colors and absence of defects and shade variations – are very important for the beauty of flooring and wall surfaces.

To guarantee the best possible quality to customers, Nexion has devised innovative procedures and instruments that guarantee the absence of defects and full compliance of products with what Nexion designers meant to achieve when they created our collections.

Shade Control Methodology (NSCM)
to guarantee the absence of any defect in graphics and design, as well as unwanted shade variations with reference to the designer’s master slab. Consistently applied, these procedure guarantee that all tiles supplied by Nexion have the same unique aesthetics, irrespective of production batches. A great value to customers.  


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