Nexion's focus on quality

Quality assurance procedures


Superior physical and chemical characteristics – together with beautiful aesthetics – are the distinguishing feature of all Nexion collections.

To achieve the highest quality standards Nexion exploits decades of experience at both Ceramiche Speranza in Italy and Simpolo Group in India and devotes significant resources to continuous improvement.

Nexion’s plant in India – the only one co-owned by an Italian and an Indian company – exploits the latest Italian machinery to manufacture high quality slabs and large size tiles. The plant has a very high degree of automation, as required to consistently achieve the high levels of quality demanded by sophisticated customers in India and internationally.  

According to the best practice, quality standards refer to the norms included in ISO 13006: Annex G - EN 14411 and all tests are  carried out by renowned laboratories in Italy, accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

At the plant, Nexion runs tests on all raw materials, semi-finished goods and endproducts through the whole production process, under coordination of the Quality Assurance Department.  

To get the best possible result, the company has devised an integrated set of rules, named Nexion Quality Assurance Procedures (NQAP), to control all aspects of slabs manufacturing, that determine the physical and chemical characteristics of products.  

NQAP include measurement processes, benckmark values and operating procedures for:
Chemical characteristics of raw materials, asking for every single shipment is tested before the raw material enters into production process.
Intrinsic physical properties of slabs and tiles, such as caliber and dimensions, orthogonality, planarity, water absorption and breaking strength.
Usage-related properties of products, such as resistance to scratch and abrasion, thermal shock resistance, resistance to acid, stains, household chemicals and slippery.  


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