Nexion's focus on quality

Parameters of physical & chemical quality


Though the main focus of customers is on aesthetics, physical features and chemical properties of slabs and tiles are very important for the eventual result of any surface installation and, in the end, for customer’s satisfaction.
Physical features are important for the ease and quality of installation and for some aspects of durability, in particular with slabs and large size tiles, that cannot be installed properly if their geometry is not perfect and that might break if not flexible enough (contrary to conventional belief, a slab is more robust if flexible rather than rigid). 

The key physical features are:
The sharpness and regularity of geometrical dimensions, as well as the overall surface quality (for whose assessment Nexion has devised a proprietary set of procedures – described in the next section – that goes well beyond ISO norms)
The physical properties that affect installation and durability. Chemical properties are important for maintenance and other aspects of surface durability, as they determine resistance to stain and acids, as well as cleanability.


Dimension and surface characteristics


The first four parameters measure the geometry of slabs and tiles.


Flatness measures the perfect alignment of the edges, the corners and the center of the tile. It is very important to achieve a perfectly flat floor or wall.

Nexion’s products have very high flatness, perfect straightness of sides and all the same caliber, allowing high quality installation of slabs and large size tiles, in single and multiple size patterns.

Surface quality
demands that a sample of at least 25 tiles is free of any defects when watched under a light of 300 lux, from a distance of 1 meter.

The very generic nature of this standard is the reason why Nexion has devised its own procedures to assess the aesthetical quality of slabs and tiles.

Intrinsic physical properties
Water absorption indicates the mass of water absorbed under immersion and boiling. A very low value, haracteristic of high quality tiles, is needed to avoid patches in the surface due to humidity emerging from the laying bed.

Nexion has very low water absorbtion, in line with the best tiles made in Italy.

Breaking strength and module of rupture indicate the tiles’ resistance to flexion and loads. High values mean that slabs and tiles will not break under weight, with requirements depending on the application (residential, commercial, industrial …).
The high breaking strength of Nexion’s slabs and large size tiles guarantee safe and long lasting installation.  

Frost resistance, coefficient of linear thermal expansion and resistance to thermal shock consider the temperature variables that the ceramic material can be subjected. These tests consider extreme hot-cold environmental situations that may be present in outdoor installation.  

Thanks to thermal characteristics, Nexion slabs and tiles can be safely used in exterior.


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