About us


Nexion is the new brand born from the joint venture between Ceramiche Speranzaan Italian holding company founded in 1961, whose mission is to bring the excellence of Italian ceramics to the global market and one of the most advanced Indian tile producer, Simpolo Vitrified, operating since 1977 in the state of Gujarat.

 and Ceramiche Speranza are family owned companies, focused on innovation, high quality and customer service, whose aim is to act as a game changer in the industry.

The joint venture company is named Nexion International Pvt Ltd and will produce and sell in India and abroad high quality Glazed Vitrified and Polished Glaze Vitrified Tiles (GVT and PGVT) under the brand Nexion. GVT and PGVT represent the latest and nicest segment of tiles offering, using digital printing and glazing to create aesthetically superior tiles, resembling natural and artificial surfaces such as stone, wood, cement and so on.


The main claim of the Nexion brand is “Designed in Italy to inspire the International Dreamers”. To this aim, all products will be designed in Italy, by the same team that creates luxurious products for one of the Italian market leaders. Manufactured in India in the state-o-the-art plant of the JV, in Morbi, all products will be quality certified according to international standards and will undergo tests in the most reliable Italian labs.

Collaboration in building a range of products, service experience to delight customers and a technology + technical support will be driving factors that ultimately also delivers business results. Nexion will strike a conversation withthe architect community and empower them through a distinct emphasis on building relationships and collaboration.


Our People

We are a young dynamic company, with a strong multicultural vocation. More than 400 people use their passion, enthusiasm and highly specialised skills to turn the important targets we have set for ourselves into positive results.
Among them, the ambition to combine the best of Italian creativity and technology with the integrity and traditional assiduity of Indian manufacturers, to create the highest quality exclusive products to enrich people’s lives.
A goal that can only be reached by creating a successful and well integrated team with some of the most talented people of these two cultures, both rich in history, tradition and values.


Our Brand Personality

The Nexion brand is composed by a logo that represents elegance and precision and by a symbol that contains all the letters in the name of the brand. The graphic sign is characterized by stretches of extreme elegance, lightness and harmony, take inspiration from the golden section.


Elegance also returns into the color of the logo, inspired by the prestigious tradition of Italian coffee. Imported for the first time in Europe by Venetian merchants, coffee became a real national passion through the years, especially with the invention and refinement of technologies and methods for the production of the Espresso, still today among the major sources of pride of the country all over the world.


Brand Positioning

Nexion is set at the high end segment of the domestic tiles market in India, with a premium pricing positioning compared to market leaders.
Premium pricing of Nexion is sustained by the following hard & soft elements:

  • Superior aesthetics and touch & feel of products, designed in Italy by the same team that developes for Emilgroup
  • High quality of products (physical and chemical characteristics, such as breaking strength and stain resistance)
  • Use of the best Italian manufacturing technology and of lean manufacturing practices, enabling compliance to high quality standards that are higher than those of Indian producers
  • Efficient and effective logistic platform to deliver at the customer’s door any quantity of product, in perfect conditions and on time
  • Strong customer service orientation, to the benefit of dealers, professionals (architects, developers, ceramic and marble dealers) and final customers (households and companies)