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We are guided by a series of complementary values. On the one hand, consolidated experience has given us mastery of technology and design, and on the other, we are curious and open-minded, as well as keen to learn from our customers and the partners with whom we work. We are reliable and authoritative but also dynamic and in constant pursuit of new ideas, confident in what we do, but ready to move out of our comfort zone in the name of experimentation and innovation when the market demands it.  

Our pledge is to always deliver creative new offerings and set ourselves standards of excellence in terms of both aesthetics and performance. With mastery of technique and an insatiable curiosity, we take the best of the Italian school of thought and turn it into ceramic tiling designs that are a source of inspiration for architects and designers around the world. Our work ends when our customers have achieved their goals, which is why the service aspect is just as important to us as the manufacturing side.

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About Nexion
All you should know about our Company, our founders, our values and our people. 

About quality
Nexion has specific and detailed procedures to achieve the highest quality standards and we want to share them with you.

About installation
Our tiles deserve precision and care every time they are laid in place; follow these simple guidelines to get the expected results. 

About packaging
All you should know about the way our tiles are prepared for safe and manageable transportation from our production plants to your construction site.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are looking for some information not found in above topics, have a look at our FAQ area, or drop us a line.